Top Tips for wonderful wedding flowers

My biggest and most important tip for having wonderful wedding flowers is definitely choose the right florist! Make sure they understand what you want and are on the same wave length as you. Do ask to see their previous work and its a bonus if they have already worked at your venue but not essential! Don’t always be lead by price alone! It’s an old adage but you really do get what you pay for! You often love a product because it catches your eye and it catches your eye for a very good reason, because it stands out from the rest, it’s quality shines through.

It made sound obvious but do your homework on the florist your are drawn towards. Be blunt asked the florist what experience do they have in creating wedding flowers? Also if they advertising themselves as award winning, ask about the awards they have one. Awards are a fantastic way for florist to bench mark their creativity against other wedding florists.

It’s very important for you to meet with any potential florist in person where possible. Meet several florists before making your final choice and do choose the florist you really click with and who really understands the overall look you want to achieve. Choose someone who is generally interested in your wedding as a bespoke wedding and is offering you fresh creative ideas!

Also check how many weddings they have on your wedding day! You don’t want a florist who has two or three other weddings on your wedding day – pick the specialist wedding florists who only takes one wedding booking per day to ensure they care completely devoted to your wedding and will take the time and care to get it right!

Flowers are a massive part of your wedding day and will be in most of your photos so you want to make the right decision!