Charlotte Wins Gold at the Chelsea Flower Show!

How many people can say they have won a gold medal at the Chelsea flower show? Well Charlotte Murrant is lucky enough to be able to say she has not one but two gold medals! Charlotte said that is was a wonderful honour to be presented with 2 gold medals -and it was honestly a feeling that can never be explained!
The prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Show holds the final of the RHS Chelsea Young florist of the year competition. To qualify for the final you have to enter regional heats where you are asked to make unusual designs, in the past it has been Floral wedding cakes, Flower collars, Bridal bouquets and many other designs. Your design is marked out of 100 points for aspects such as colour balance, skill, technique, composition and many of other areas. After all of the heats have taken place the top 16 scoring competitors are notified they have qualified for the final!
Two months prior to the Chelsea Flower Show the lucky chosen few frantically start checking emails every hour of the day, waiting for those all important instructions of what they are expected to make for the final at Chelsea. Trying to second guess the judging panel on what it could possibly be is of course impossible, but it doesn’t stop the finalists! When the final instructions finally lands in the inboxes of each competitor that’s when the creative juices flow and the nerves kick in. Then a thousand questions are invoked, what shall I make, how shall I make it?, How will I get it to London with out damaging it!
The first time Charlotte qualified for the Chelsea Flower Show was in 2011 – during the heats Charlotte had to create a bridal bouquet for a bespoke wedding in the Swedish Ice Hotel, which she said was a challenge she loved. After creating an amazing bouquet Charlotte was put through to the final and the instructions for the final was to design and create Jockey Silks. Charlotte’s amazing creation won her the first of many Chelsea Flower Show medals – A Silver!
Having now caught the competitive bug, Charlotte qualified for the Chelsea Flower Show for a second time in 2014. During the initial heat the florists were instructed to make floral collars for a woodland dinner. Having again successfully navigating the heats Charlotte and the remaining finalists were asked to design and create a floral dress to be worn at a crystal ball. The floral dress names Crystal by Charlotte’s parents won Charlotte her very first prestigious Chelsea Gold Medal!
 Charlotte’s third time in the Chelsea Flower Show grand final came in 2015, which ended up being Charlotte’s my most challenging event to date as well as her most successful! The heat was to make a floral cake for an Indian wedding and during the final the competitors had to design and create a fantasy floral tree inspired by the tulgey woods in Alice and wonderland – Treacle the tree won Charlotte her second Gold medal and also won her the title of RHS Young Chelsea Florist of the year 2015 with a record breaking 98 out of 100 points!